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Because complements are earned and not usually expected, we are proud of those which come our way. We share a few here...

Cricket World Cup sponsor 
"Thanks a lot for this, to you and your team... Great work!!!"

Italian exporter 
"...Italy asked me to thank you for the great job done. Thanks once again."

Kitchen importer
"high professionalism, expertise, care, service and very competitive rates. One factor that I have always found to be invaluable, is a high level of communication. I couldn't recommend (this) thorough professionalism too highly."

World Cup Golf sponsor (imported fleet of new cars for event)
"Now that the World Cup of Golf is over and the cars disposed of, it is appropriate that I write to you and commend the thoroughly professional performance of your company, you in particular, your assistance and guidance throughout this period was invaluable to us. I am sure that without the professionalism and expertise…the outcome would not have been anywhere near the successful result achieved"

Eleventh hour Shipment
"thanks so much for all your hard work in getting this shipment to us on Friday night. It really did make a difference having this and really appreciate you making it happen."

Happy Australian consignee
"Yes you are definitely from NZ with customer service like that. Appreciate it. Thanks for your help on this, great job..."

Italian tile importer 
"Excellent. I didn't mean to make work for you tonight. But appreciate the wonderful service."

Time-critical delivery
"You're a champion... Thanks for the extra effort. We have a very tight turnaround when the product gets to NZ."

Airline Passenger's commercial goods held/released  by Customs
"You guys are amazing! Thanks!"

Importer from Germany
"Thanks... your team is always so reliable and professional!"

Spanish import with border complications
"Many thanks.. We wouldn't be able to sort out this issue without your assistance. Your support  much appreciated."

From a first-time importer from Italy
"Hi all. I must say, I am impressed!"

Cricket World Cup - critical arrival deadline
"Brilliant - thanks for the hard work!"

Importer returning after small break away 
"I am more than happy with the service you are providing us, we have had no problems and everything has been running smoother than ever."

Grateful overseas agent 
"Mate.. your team did an awesome job...I think client won't have anything to be disappointed of
Thank you so much... great job" 

Import of rare WW2 fighter aircraft for airshow
" I am very pleased to write these few words and reminisce about our unique experience of transporting the CAC Boomerang aircraft to New Zealand. We…felt daunted by the logistics of transporting a rare aircraft to another country. From our first contact… our anxieties began to subside and we felt assured that we would be guided through the complexities of the event ahead. Our nervousness at seeing the aircraft disappear into the depths of the ship were allayed when we saw the preparation of the protective enclosure made up of containers inside the ship and the overall care taken with the securing of this very unusual cargo… the Customs dispensation… the LTSA special haulage permits… the aircraft was towed with Police escort at 3 o'clock in the morning to the airport. The Boomerang… was a main event of the airshow and was enthusiastically received by the media and thousands of spectators who had come to see this unique aircraft. I am sure that our participation would not have been able to occur without (your) exceptional assistance."

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