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New Zealand Freight & Customs Specialists

Cargo and Logistics International Ltd is a New Zealand based international freight-forwarding and logistics business with in-house border clearance services. We provide airfreight and seafreight services globally, with worldwide door-to-door connections to most countries.

We hold a wealth of experience in our field, and are supported by a solid international network of capable, high-calibre agents and offices around the world.  Within NZ, our logistics capabilities provide access to a comprehensive suite of transport options and vehicles, storage and 4PL distribution.   

Endorsing our customer service ethic, we are proud to have been nominated for the  Westpac Auckland Business Awards for 2021.

Experience Matters

The depth and breadth of industry experience carried by our team is considerable.  The team, as individuals as well as a unit, use experience and acquired knowledge to cut through otherwise challenging situations. 
The ability to anticipate & avoid problems is a better proposition than resolving avoidable problems. Our knowledge, skills and experience are a real asset to have working for you.

Import & Export / Airfreight & Seafreight / Border Clearance & Delivery

Our team has what it takes to get your freight and border-clearance matters sorted in the most expeditious, practical and cost-effective way.    Through our international network and our New Zealand partners, we can move virtually anything from one spot on the globe to another.  Drawing upon nearly 80 years' combined senior industry experience, we get the task done.

We Have The Connections

Globally, our network is comprised of high-calibre offices and agents who speak our type of  language - good communication and strong customer focus. Our global network spans over 170 countries.
Domestically, most of our local and nationwde logistics partners have shared with us very long relationships based on results and common customer-service values. We can transport or store pretty well anything anywhere through the country.  

We're Customer-Centric

We've been described as boutique, as a number of people tend to see us.
We do much more than just process shipments.  Our customer-centric, customer-advocacy approach has us sitting around on their side of the desk working along side them. Through providing on-going, relevant and practical guidance, we strive to meet the unique needs of all of our  customers.  We're as in tune with the diverse needs of smaller and medium-sized SME's, as we are with the larger businesses.  It's our job to meet the needs, diverse yet similar as they are. 
The core of any business is it's people, and their tuning-in with the concepts and practices of quality customer service. We are proud of our team and their many achievements.

Specialist Areas

Experience and familiarity has brought us to a stage of expertise with certain countries & trade-routes, certain products & commodities.
These include commodity types such as foodstuffs, refrigerated meat, tiles and ceramics;  certain tradelanes  where a level of expertise is very advantageous (such as Mediterranean countries Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and others); and, regulatory processes such as food safety protocols and requirements for animal or plant derived products.  We have experience moving oversized cargo including out-of-gauge machinery, vintage aircraft and vehicles.