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Our Service & Experience Counts

We are a great team of highly-experienced, tested & proven freight and customs professionals... 

Whatever your freight & logistics need (sea or air freight, Customs clearance, logistics, small shipments management, courier, distribution) with our team on board you have a solid asset working for you applying our knowledge and skills. 

We will take you personally through the process and tailor our service to meet your unique freight needs - cost-effectively and with skill, speed and ease.


Areas of Specific Expertise

We have areas of particular expertise in International Freight Forwarding, Logistics and  Border Clearance
and we understand the nuances specific to New Zealand international freight, providing your business with personalised service, care and on-time delivery.

Reduce Costs with Cost Effective Freight

Many New Zealand businesses are under constant pressure to reduce costs and in need of a logistics partner with in-depth understanding of the pressures specific to small-medium business. We are constantly thinking about how to do more for less.

Does Your Business Have Unique Logistic Requirements?

Our experienced people understand International Air Freight, Sea Freight, Custom and Border Clearance and are well experienced to handle the challenges specifically unique to New Zealand business. Because of this, we have well established, long-term logistic partnerships with our clients. Trusted by our clients for a wide variety of New Zealand and International business product and equipment importing/exporting across the globe... read what our customers say.. Your business may be well established, however, your logistics requirements may be constantly changing. As a logistics partner we provide you with flexibility and help you adapt quickly to the demands of your business. Importantly, we provide you with cost-efficient logistics moving product that your business can sustain. Contact us or give us a call on +0064 (9) 523 2677.

Is Your Business New and In Need of a Trusted Logistics Partner?

Your business may be new to logistics and need a logistics partner who can provide you with help and expertise along the supply chain with consideration of the nuances specific to New Zealand Import, Export, Customs and Border Clearance. With over 30 years experience in Import/Export, International Air Freight/Sea Freight, Customs and Border Clearance, we can guide you through the process. We provide you with personalised advice and tailor your business industry freight needs.

Are You Looking For Innovative Logistical Ideas?

Many businesses are looking for innovative ideas and need a logistics partner that provides recommendations on how to improve your business logistics. We provide personalised in-depth industry experience with cost-effective solutions in International Freight, Custom and Border Clearance.

Customs and Border Clearance

Our Customs and Border Clearance services provide a seamless Import/Export transition as part of our logistical solutions.
Established International network

What Our Customers Say

Reference: from Kitchen importer (airfreight & containerised shipments). "Your team has put together a worldwide grid of operations and offices, expressing high professionalism, expertise, care, service and very competitive rates. One factor… that I have always found to be invaluable, is a high level of communication… I couldn't recommend your team and particular hallmark of thorough professionalism too highly." .......more