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With over 30 years experience in New Zealand Logistics, Freight Management and Customs Clearance. Our team has the experience you need to help you get your freight needs delivered in the most professional, timely and cost-effective way.
Custom and Border Clearance
Our Customs and Border Clearance services provide a seamless Import/Export transition as part of our logistical solutions...more
Logistic partners
We are fortunate to be able to offer a range of options for specific industry needs in shipping LCL or FCL, cartage, airfreight, Custom and Border Clearance.

.. we have handpicked our agents to deliver excellent service, understand logistics specific to New Zealand and the importance of cost value.

Our People Do More Than Just Process Shipments

Our customers enjoy useful, on-going, practical advice and guidance. Our people are well established in providing a strong customer-advocate role to our importers and exporters for whatever your needs are; from sourcing the best logistical solutions for your freight needs to customs and border clearance

Our Team Is On The Side Of Our Customers

You really matter. We have a very supportive style, and this has positioned us well to meet the unique needs of small and medium businesses. We don't lose sight of this. Whether you are new to importing and exporting, or well established, we are here for you. If you are new, then we will help you through the process from initial Freight Forwarding enquiry through to Customs & Border Clearance. For importers and exporters who are more established, we would love the opportunity to evaluate current logistical needs and offer a free comparative quote on your existing needs. Call us on +0064 (9) 523 2677 or email us below.

Our customers enjoy useful, on-going, practical advice and guidance.
Our people are well established in providing a strong customer-advocate role to our importers and exporters for whatever your needs are; from sourcing the best logistical solutions to Customs and Border Clearance. Read what our customers say..more

As Importers and Exporters Our Customers Require

..our established expertise in logistics while maintaining unique balance between timing and cost to provide optimal product care for your business. Our commitment is to offer you the best solution for your importing or exporting needs, you receive friendly professional support while maintaining maximum time and cost efficiency. Our solid and well chosen network of global agents extends this service commitment internationally.

Presenting Opportunities

The freight market is one of constant change. We keep our finger on the pulse of the market and are quick to present viable opportunities to our customers - continually adding value to you with tailor-made, cost efficient, logistical advice and service to suit your needs.


As we see it, the real core of any business is people. Cargo & Logistics employ high-calibre people who are in-tune with the concepts and practices of quality customer service.

How Our Service Adds Value

To us, 'good service' is far more than just doing the job right: we approach service keen to help and to add value. Our market knowledge, industry contacts and expertise in logistics help us to improve and refine clients' broader shipping, freight, logistics and procurement practices.
We apply this to identified unique client needs and engineer a fit between those needs and our service-provision.


Alan Bentinck-Stokes, has been involved in the shipping and freight industry since 1981, including nearly 30 years in ownership roles in a number of successful companies.

Alan's depth of experience across the international trade sphere ranges from importing, exporting, indent trading, international banking, courier and shipping, culminating in over 25 years international freight, logistics and customs broking.

Having worked from both sides of the desk he has a clear understanding of the real needs faced by importers and exporters, and the best way to forge successful partnerships. He has always found great satisfaction in supporting small and medium import and export businesses.

Away from the freight arena, Alan enjoys time with his children Molly and Jack, is an active enthusiast in vintage aircraft and classic cars, enjoys the outdoors, golf, tennis, photography

What Our Customers Say

Re: Import from Germany
Thanks Alan,
Your team is always so reliable and professional!

Re: Spanish container unload
Many thanks.. We wouldn't be able to sort out this issue without your assistance. Your supports are much appreciated.

Re: CWC delivery
Brilliant - thanks for the hard work Alan!

Re: International Imports
I am more than happy with the service you are providing us, we have had no problems and everything has been running smoother than ever..

Re: Final Image
Mate.. your team did an awesome job...I think client won't have anything to be disappointed of
Thank you so much... great job
Kind Regards

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...enjoy the freedom to chat and discuss your particular Import/Export needs. For people new to the business it can seem like a logistical puzzle working out the best options. Whether or not your business is new to importing or exporting - It's just a matter of giving us a call or making an appointment to come in and have a free chat about the best logistical options for your needs. We will be happy to offer you a free quote on your new or existing international freight needs. Contact us on +0064 (9) 523 2677 or email us below