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We coined the term 'Smallfreight' in 2011 to classify this convergenace of smaller shipment types which fall in the murky abyss between air cargo, courier and LCL.

Our subsidiary company Courier NZ operates the brand ' CNZ Smallfreight' as a niche specialist in 'small freight' – It ensures that the most economical option is used (without the client having to decide): courier, airfreight, express, or even LCL!.

It takes advantage of other options which may be entirely more suitable or less extravagant. It is substantially more cost-effective than traditional courier and minimises avoidable cost blowouts of either airfreight or courier.

In 2011 we recognised the need to properly filter 'small freight' having observed that small shipments tend often given to a regular freight forwarder or a courier company, often out of convenience and without question... we had been witness to alot of undetected 3rd party freight overspending which can occur as a result of this. CNZ SmallFreight sends or redirects smaller orders through the most appropriate channel at the time to maximize cost and service benefits for the customer. Contact us

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Re: Pick up from NZ to Australia
Yes you are definitely from NZ with customer service like that. Appreciate it.
Thanks for your help on this, great job as usual.

Re: CWC Delivery
Thanks a lot for this Alan to you and your team...
Great work!!!
Many thanks.